Priceline National Road Trip Day Survey Reveals Seven in 10 Americans Want to Take a Road Trip This Summer To Escape Their “Quaranteam”

May 17, 2021

Plus Exclusive Savings Hacks and Deals for Your Next Road Trip

To celebrate National Road Trip Day (Friday, May 28), Priceline did a deep dive into the resurgence of road trips across the U.S., revealing that road trips have become so popular in the last year that nine in 10 Americans have taken at least one, with the vast majority (75%) taking more than four, according to a Priceline Survey by OnePoll.

Being cooped up during quarantine inspired Americans to hit the road, yearning to leave the challenges of the last year behind them. And in some cases, leave their pandemic roommates behind, too. In fact, seven out of 10 Americans want to take a road trip to escape their “quaranteam.”

“People are ready to see new faces and places again. As the country continues to open up, rental cars and road trips are a safe and accessible way to reunite with loved ones and explore new, or rediscover favorite, destinations.”

-Ben Harrell, Chief Marketing Officer, Priceline

Priceline’s National Road Trip Day survey asked Americans about their preferences when it comes to hitting the road, how COVID-19 has affected the way they take road trips, and identified different preferences among various demographics. Some interesting trends discovered include:

Gen Z Looks to Escape Their Quaranteam

  • Eight in 10 Gen Zers (ages 18-24) want to get out of their home and are the age group most interested in escaping their quaranteam.
  • 78% of Gen Zers are comfortable taking a road trip prior to being vaccinated, while only half of other adults would be comfortable doing the same.
  • However, Gen Zers were the most likely to want to road trip to a destination with a lower concentration of COVID-19 cases (78%), while Baby Boomers were the least likely (24%).
  • Gen Xers and Millennials embarked on the most road trips in the past year, taking an average of six and seven trips, respectively. They’re also willing to take longer road trips, with eight days being the preferred average duration for both generations.

Northeasteners Racked Up The Miles

  • Eight out of 10 Northeasterners want to escape their quaranteam, more than any other region.
  • 95% of Northeasterners have taken a road trip in the past year, with Westerners in a close second (92%). Despite being the region with the least roadtrippers, the majority of Midwesterners (71%) have taken at least one road trip.
  • 48% of Americans in the Northeast agree that a road trip is the safest type of vacation right now.
  • Overall, Americans in the South (both the Southwest and Southeast) are most likely to rent a car (59%).

Men and Women Agree: Reuniting with Loved Ones is a Road Trip Priority

  • Taking a look at gender preferences, 65% of American men would rent a car compared to 46% of American women, with men being 55% more likely to rent a car because they want a fun ride, like a convertible, for their road trip.
  • Both men and women plan to take road trips to reunite with loved ones. Women were 5% more likely than men to visit family, while men were 13% more likely to road trip to visit friends.
  • However, men were 35% more likely to take a road trip for the primary purpose of spending time alone.
  • Both genders were equally split (18%) in their desire to take a road trip for the primary goal of visiting a destination with outdoor activities.
  • 60% of men are comfortable taking a road trip prior to being vaccinated, while only 44% of women would be comfortable doing the same.

The Majority of Road Trippers are Renting Cars

When it comes to getting around, the majority of Americans (59%) want to rent a car for their summer road trips because they prefer to avoid putting mileage on their own car (57%), want to ride in style (59%), or just prefer to drive to their vacation destination (49%). The catch is that as travel came to a halt in 2020, many car rental companies reduced the size of their fleet to match pandemic-level demand. Now, with travelers hitting the road again and a global semiconductor chip shortage halting the production of new vehicles, demand is high and rates have soared by 30 percent compared to 2019 pricing.

“Vehicle shortages across the country have driven up the rate of rental cars. My best advice is to book your car early and to be flexible; flexibility on your car type, the pickup date and the pickup location can result in significant savings. Travelers can also unlock significant discounts, up to 40% off, by booking a Priceline Express Deal.”

-Lucy Bueti, VP of Rental Car, Priceline

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