Priceline Summer Release Research Highlights

June 28, 2023

Priceline’s Trip Intelligence, a suite of over 40 new booking tools and site enhancements, was informed by Priceline’s latest proprietary traveler research and travel data 

Priceline’s recent proprietary research revealed that, in a post-pandemic world, consumers want more nuanced information, have more sophisticated travel needs, and are ready to venture further than ever before. These needs are even more pronounced for international travelers and those planning and booking for multiple people or family members.

Born from extensive analysis of millions of booking data points and traveler behaviors, Priceline’s Trip Intelligence suite provides travelers the information they need to confidently book even the most complicated trips – to get them to their happy place for a happy price.

2023 is the year to explore

  • Travel is back, in a big way. According to a recent study by Priceline, 80% of Americans plan to travel in 2023.¹
      • 49% of Americans travel at least twice per year.
      • 16% of Americans travel 4 or more times per year.
      • Consumers intend to dedicate 18% more time than in 2023 to leisure travel this year.
  • Summer remains the preferred season for travel with more than half (55%) of Americans indicating an intention to travel this summer. 
      • Parents, in particular, plan to enjoy time away with their families with 61% reporting summer vacation plans. 
      • 74% of frequent travelers say they will take summer trips.
  • Priceline’s proprietary data further reveals international travel searches are up significantly year over year, along with a rise in multi-generational and family travel bookings. 
  • Culture seekers are flocking to metropolitan areas for dining, shopping and entertainment this summer, with major U.S. cities and European capitals topping the most popular destination lists. 

The Most Popular Destinations for Summer 2023² 

United States

New York, New York

Los Angeles, California

Atlanta, Georgia

Denver, Colorado

Las Vegas, Nevada

Chicago, Illinois

Orlando, Florida

Dallas, Texas

Houston, Texas

Seattle, Washington


Cancun, Mexico

London, England

Mexico City, Mexico

Paris, France

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Los Cabos, Mexico

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Tokyo, Japan

Rome, Italy

San Salvador, El Salvador

Travel spending & deal seeking are not slowing 

  • Despite inflation and record high prices, travel remains a top priority. In fact, 54% of Americans are allocating their disposable income to travel in 2023. This is especially true for parents – nearly 70% of them plan to prioritize travel, indicating the significance of finding time away with their family.
  • 40% of Americans expect to spend $2,000 or higher for their upcoming vacation. Gen Z and Millennials further over-index on allocating disposable income toward travel, with 61% and 65% planning to do so respectively. Nearly 20% of both generations plan to spend over $4,000 on their next trip.
  • Deals remain a top priority for those planning their next trip. 90% of Priceline consumers indicate that travel and hotel discounts strongly influence their choice of travel destinations and accommodation.³ 
  • For over 25 years, Priceline has enabled travelers to get to their happy place for a happy price. We now save consumers over $1 billion a year, which equates to $2,200 in travel savings EVERY minute! To save travelers even more, we’re introducing new tools like Savings Mode in the map view, Dynamic Pricebreakers for dynamic,  personalized deals as you update your preferences, and special new Cardmember Offers.


Building family bonds through travel

  • Travel remains a vital way to connect with loved ones. According to a recent Priceline survey, the two most popular types of trips for Americans in 2023 are visiting family and friends (46%) and family vacations (40%). 
  • Not surprisingly, an overwhelming majority of parents (70%) are prioritizing their disposable income toward travel
  • Parents aged 35-44, along with those aged 65+, are expected to allocate the most money for travel this year. 
      • However, parents are also the most likely to make adjustments to their plans based on economic factors, such as dining out less (45%). 
  • In 2022, parents spent an average of 19% more time vacationing than non-parents. This trend continues into this year, with parents emerging as the group planning to spend the most time on leisure travel this year.¹ 
  • Family travelers have told us they want to simplify their trips with nonstop flights, specific seating and bedding configurations and hotels near a variety of kid-friendly restaurants and activities. Knowing that families have unique needs, Priceline is introducing several new features to make it easier than ever. 
      • Our Family Travel Filters allow you to filter hotels, flights and rental cars to find what works best for you. 
      • We can help you find a rental car with both a car seat and luggage capacity for your whole family. 
      • And, knowing that booking for multiple people – and schedules – can be complex, you can also filter to only show options with flexible cancellation policies as well. 
  • Looking for vacation inspiration? Check out our new Family Friendly Travel Filters, including the ability to sort reviews to hear feedback from families like yours (we also have over thousands of them!). Or visit one of the below cities, all of which rank in the most popular destinations for family travel.
The Most Popular Cities for Families in 2023*

Top 5 United States

Las Vegas



New York


Top 5 International






Expanding our horizons by exploring the unknown

  • Our research found that consumers want more information prior to booking an international trip. 
      • They want to feel immersed in the culture, while also ensuring the amenities meet their needs, they are in a safe neighborhood and close to points of interest. 
      • To make traveling abroad easier, we’ve introduced a series of Neighborhood Intel features, which provide everything from street level views, hyperlocal weather, neighborhood ratings and the ability to search for hotels based on their distance to popular tourist attractions. 
  • 84% of Americans believe that traveling internationally is an excellent way to learn about other cultures.**
  • 63% of Priceline consumers have intentions to travel abroad, demonstrating a strong interest in international travel.‡ 
      • Millennials and Gen Z showing a particularly strong inclination towards international trips.¹
      • Among Gen Z travelers, 36% have plans to embark on an international trip in 2023, indicating their enthusiasm for exploring destinations outside their home country.

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¹Based on a survey conducted online with The Harris Poll on behalf of Priceline from January 19 – 23, 2023 amongst a nationally representative sample of  2,026 U.S. adults ages 18 and older
² Priceline flight data for travel between June-August 2023.
³ Based on an internal survey conducted January 11 – 27, 2023 amongst a representative sample of 3,607 U.S. Priceline customers who have booked with Priceline in the past 6 months
 * Priceline hotel data for January-June 2023.
 ** MRI-Simmons Spring 2022/August 2022 Cord Evolution data
‡ Based on an internal survey conducted January 11 – 27, 2023 amongst a representative sample of 3,607 U.S. Priceline customers who have booked with Priceline in the past 6 months
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