Priceline Celebrates William Shatner’s Trek To Space With Out of This World Deals

October 12, 2021

Bringing You Savings Where No Flight Coupon Has Gone Before

Tomorrow, William Shatner’s adventures will take him to new heights, making “The Priceline Negotiator” the first brand spokesperson in history to travel to space. Priceline congratulates William Shatner for being the ultimate explorer by celebrating his 23-year partnership with Priceline, and his journey to the final frontier, with savings of up to $200 off Express Deal®  flights.

“From his pioneering role as Captain Kirk to recently swimming with sharks, William Shatner’s passion for travel and adventure is boundless,” says Priceline CEO Brett Keller. “It’s why Priceline has enjoyed partnering with him for over two decades to negotiate more than a billion dollars of travel savings every year.”

In honor of The Negotiator’s flight to space—and to help fulfill everyone’s passion to explore—Priceline is launching its biggest flight sale ever on Wednesday, October 13th

For a limited time only, travelers can:

Soar to New Heights During Priceline’s 30 Minute Flight Flash Sale

  • $200 off Express Deal® Flights² for the first 1,000 customers to book their next flight on Priceline with a minimum spend of $300. 
    • Use Code: BLASTOFF200
    • Valid from 9:30-10:00 a.m. EST on 10/13/21

Save All Day with Priceline’s BLASTOFF Flight Sale

  • $100 Off Express Deal® Flights² with a minimum spend of $300. 
    • Code: BLASTOFF100
    • Valid from 9:30am-11:59pm EST on 10/13/21

“I’m so excited to fulfill a lifelong travel dream of mine,” says William Shatner. “While I can’t take you to space with me, I can help you take your dream trip with Priceline’s biggest flight sale ever.” 

To explore these out of this world deals and book your next trip, visit

¹ Priceline’s “Celebrating Shatner in Space!” promotions are not valid on in-app bookings. 
² Coupon amounts applied evenly across tickets in a transaction. Final discount may be +/- $0.05.
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